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 [English] Cinematic Angles

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[English] Cinematic Angles Empty
PostSubject: [English] Cinematic Angles   [English] Cinematic Angles Icon_minitimeFri Apr 20, 2012 3:46 pm

Another English story, and this time it's one utilizing what is known as "cinematic angles", which is basically camera angles in a written form, e.g. a close up describes that person's face, etc. Or a long shot describes the whole area you see, and so on.

This, so far, is probably my most satisfying piece, as I was able to write it fully in my own style, which just happens to utilize "cinematic angles" very well Very Happy

As always, thoughts and whatnot appreciated, and thank you.

I now bid thee a due m(._.)m <-- That's me taking a bow, by the way Very Happy
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[English] Cinematic Angles
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